Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What's growing at the UNH Pier? Spring 2013 edition

The longer days are allowing for a lot of growth going on at the UNH Judd Gregg Marine Research Complex--specifically, under the pier. NHSG/UNHCE aquaculture specialist Michael Chambers takes us on the tour:

Sugar kelp from the seeded line deployed this winter is now quite long and full. The kelp will be harvested soon and Michael is looking for local chefs and restaurants interested in trying it out on their menus.

This little lumpfish was hiding in the kelp. Lumpfish eat sea lice off other fish.

Here is a tiny sea urchin also hanging out in the kelp.

Michael is testing oyster growth under the piers. The wave action chips away the ragged edges of the shells, causing the oysters to grow a deeper cupped shell that leads to a meatier oyster. He hopes to test their ability to grow in offshore areas later this summer.

Mussels grow naturally on any line put into the water. Pending EPA approval, these mussels growing under the pier can be sold to local seafood markets and restaurants.

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