Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hampton Fisherman Recovers from Death-Defying Injury

HAMPTON — It's been five months since David Goethel last set sail on his 44-foot stern trawler vessel named the Ellen Diane. The commercial fisherman from Hampton says he's itching to get back at sea to do what he loves.

The 57-year-old has been home recovering from injuries sustained in a Sept. 15 accident at the Hampton State Pier, where he fell from his boat nearly 25 feet to the ground.

"It's a miracle that he's even here right now," said his wife Ellen Goethel. "All the doctors have said the same thing — that his recovery has been nothing short of miraculous."

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

UNH Cooperative Extension and NH Sea Grant Help Local Fishing Families

Check out this video which profiles efforts at UNH to help small fishing businesses access local markets.  Finding ways to market their fish locally is providing additional income to fishing families that are fishing sustainably off the NH Coast.   This income is absolutely necessary for the survival of New Hampshire's small, family-run fishing vessels who are struggling to survive under management designed to support sustainable fish populations.  Buying local seafood: 1) gives you fresh, healthy fish, 2) supports sustainable fish populations and 3) supports fishing families in your community.  Win, win, win!

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The University of New Hampshire Partners with the State’s Fishing Industry