Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sustainable Marine Fisheries Course to be Offered at Shoals Marine Lab!

An exciting new course will be offered this summer through UNH and the Shoals Marine Lab 6 miles offshore of Portsmouth, NH between August 8 and 22. “Sustainable Marine Fisheries” will introduce students to the complex challenges facing our regional fishing industry. Today, marine ecosystems are being managed to simultaneously sustain the livelihood of fishermen while meeting conservation goals; this protects marine ecosystems but places strain on fishermen who are stewards of marine resources. The course will provide students the opportunity for dialogue with a broad range of guest speakers, including fishermen, fisheries scientists, fisheries managers, and those involved with making fish available to consumers, including a chef from a local restaurant. Each guest speaker will present a unique perspective that collectively comprises the marine fishery. Students will have the unique opportunity to spend time on a working lobster boat and trawling and gill-net vessel participating in the groundfish fishery. New England fisheries will be used as a case-study for this course though global fishing practices, management and trends will also be discussed.

Don't miss the chance to be a part of this groundbreaking class! If you're interested in this course, contact Erik Chapman @

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